Tuesday, August 23

Lets Berbuka Puasa with DiGi!

bila dapat email dari nuffnang
terpikir-pikir nak pergi ke tak
dah alang2 berlobang
alang2 kena tinggal...
esok pun mmg dah sah2 bukak pose sorang...
"sayang isteri tinggal-tinggalkan" (kan kan kan...esok jadi rindu-rinduan)

nak gie ke tak?????
Dear DiGi Angel,

How are you all holding up this fasting month? Great? Well, we have something even greater to share that is sure to lift your spirits up. =D Our favourite people from DiGi would like to invite a few DiGi Angels exclusively to a Buka Puasa session that will be happening on;

Date: 25th August 2011 (Thursday)

Time: 6:30 pm

Venue: The Bee, Jaya One

Come join us at this fun makan-makan session with all of us. It will be the best opportunity for you to mix and mingle with each other and the generous DiGi folks! Also, be prepared to be spoiled for choices at The Bee, as the oh-so-yummy food there will definitely be a welcome sight after a long day of fasting!

If you want to join this flavourful Buka Puasa session with the Yellow Man and other DiGi Angels, here’s what you need to do:
- Fill in your details in the form at this page.

- Compose a tweet and tell us why you’re excited to berbuka puasa with DiGi, and include #digibukapuasa, @NuffnangMY and @DiGi_Telco. You’ll stand a higher chance of scoring a spot to berbuka puasa with us if we see your tweets! :)
Hurry, send in your details now as spaces are limited to 30 single invites exclusively for our DiGi Angels only. =D


Anne Cheah

Community Executive

Nuffnang Sdn. Bhd.


terima kasih....
suka dengan curahan vitamin